Brokers' Service Marketing Group (BSMG), a US-based insurance brokerage firm, has added Genworth Colony Term products to tioTERM, BSMG's online life insurance platform, as part of its strategy to offer better choices to customers.

Life insurance

Genworth Financial, an affordable term life insurance provider, is a natural addition to the tioTERM platform.

Now, the financial advisors as well as the insurance professionals will have access to Genworth products through tioTERM and be able to quote and compare Colony Term together with eight other carriers, including American General, Legal & General, ING, Protective Life, Principal, Prudential, SBLI, and Transamerica.

The availability of Genworth on the online platform of BSMG became possible following a latest integration between tioTERM and Life Quick Request (LQR), Genworth’s online paperless application process, which ensures a seamless experience for tioTERM users.

Brokers’ Service Marketing Group executive vice president Andrew Hamill said, "Our carrier lineup is now even stronger and more attractive to those who already rely on us for faster, easier term life insurance sales."

Genworth distribution senior vice president Anthony Vossenberg said that the tioTERM system provides a multi-carrier solution to producers and consumers giving them a choice of product within a simple, user-friendly and efficient platform.

"Genworth is pleased to have our highly competitive products on the tioTERM system and to be a solution for individuals and families looking to meet their protection needs," Vossenberg added.

Established in 1972, Brokers’ Service Marketing Group has offices in Providence, Rhode Island and Wellesley, Massachusetts and offers the sale, support and processing of life insurance, annuities and long term care insurance to financial service individuals and financial institutions.


Image: BSMG adds Genworth Colony Term products to tioTERM platform. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/