Brown & Brown, a provider of insurance and reinsurance products and services, has appointed Chris Walker as regional executive vice president.

In his new role, Walker will oversee operations of Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, a subsidiary company based in San Diego, California that was acquired on 9 January 2012.

Walker will report to Hyatt Brown, chairman and acting president and CEO of the company.

Brown said that the Arrowhead team, led by Chris, is a significant addition to the Company’s National Programs and Services Divisions.

Since 2003, Walker had been working with Arrowhead’s business development strategies, product expansion, acquisitions and the overall operations and infrastructure.

Walker’s started his career as chairman and CEO of E.W. Blanch Holdings, and later worked as vice chairman of Aon Re.

Prior to this, he served as chairman of the Brokers and Reinsurance Markets Association.