When Brown & Brown Insurance (BRO) decided to migrate its communications system to a single cloud-based platform, it turned to Mitel(R) (MITL) (MNW.TO), a global leader in business communications.

Since implementing the Mitel cloud solution, Brown & Brown has experienced tighter integration and closer collaboration between offices, while accelerating services across the organization to help make the insurance broker even more competitive.

As one of the world’s 10 largest insurance intermediaries, Brown & Brown maintains over 190 offices across the U.S. as well as in the U.K. and Bermuda. The company’s continued growth has placed a focus on improving technology solutions.

"As we added new locations, we began to realize how important business communications was for our operations and how limiting our outdated, disparate system had become. Mitel’s cloud expertise helped us to leverage our private cloud to consolidate business communications onto a single platform with our other mission-critical applications," said Brian Panico, corporate IT Director, Brown & Brown Insurance.

"Now communications are seamless and efficient. Better yet, with the cloud we are fully prepared to take advantage of future solutions that will help us further streamline our business and improved business continuity planning."

Further, it has reduced expenses particularly around maintenance costs while lowering the number of resellers supporting the telecommunications infrastructure.

"Mitel delivers what we believe is the best path to cloud communications — private, public and hybrid, with solutions that enhance our customers’ experience. Brown & Brown Insurance is a great example of how an organization with legacy systems can develop a plan, leverage the cloud and leapfrog their competition with a solution that is flexible and highly effective," said Jon Brinton, EVP and GM, Mitel Cloud Services, Mitel.

Mitel’s virtualization leadership and close relationship with VMware helped Brown & Brown develop a roadmap toward integration that led to a single cloud-based communications platform.

Brown & Brown has now completely migrated to the private cloud with Mitel at its headquarters in Daytona Beach, Florida, Atlanta and across North East locations with more than 800 endpoints. Brown & Brown now has the cloud framework to potentially integrate outside communications systems resulting from acquisition onto its enterprise-wide cloud platform.