Broadspire, a Crawford Company, has gone live with the RiskTech claims management system, retiring its ARMS and SISDAT legacy systems and converting over 10m claims.

Broadspire’s legacy system was converted in 2009 and will now enable the clients with rules-based claims management system that provides ability to manage attachments including digital statements for easy accessibility, easy and flexible editing and adding codes and fields.

The clients are provided with detailed reserve worksheets that help claim professionals precisely calculate indemnity and medical expenses, said the company.

Broadspire president and CEO Ken Martino said RiskTech customizes the data capture process on a per-client basis, allowing each to receive the crucial information needed to drive a claim toward the optimum outcome.

"By consolidating our claims into one system, we can concentrate our training, development and organizational efforts on that system," Martino said.

The system also provides easy, secure, real-time access for clients through the Dmitri Suite of RMIS services, and allows automatic policy validations that highlight inconsistencies for further accuracy.

The system also provides claim and medical notes organized for improved communication between all parties, and includes a Broadspire MyClaim portal to enable injured workers to view their indemnity payments through any computer or mobile device.

RiskTech works in conjugation with Broadspire’s e-Triage system that determines obstacles to recovery by recording claims information as data points.