According to a new report from Clerical Medial, 77% of people in Britain have a positive attitude retirement, with one in three hoping to retire abroad.

In its ‘Enjoy Tomorrow’ report, the leading pensions and investment provider claimed that almost half of the people hoping to retire abroad said they would move to Spain or another European country, with 9% opting for Australia and 6% for the US.

The study not only showed a generational shift towards travel but crucially people also said they would like to work during their retirement. This. Clerical Medical believes, reflects an increased awareness from the public of the current state of affairs in the pensions sector.

Meanwhile, only half those asked said their parents or grandparents traveled during their retirement, while in contrast 81% of them planned to travel domestically and 77% internationally when they retire themselves.

Clerical Medical spokesperson Paul Shelley also said that one in six future retirees envisages themselves driving a sports car, but realize they may have to work longer to meet their aspirations.