Brite Insurance, the UK's home insurance broker, has launched a new home insurance price comparison tool for consumers, which lists insurance providers for processing, supporting, and paying out on claims.

The company claims that the price comparison tool for home insurance offers only the best insurance policies, rather than simply trying to get the cheapest quote from the whole of market.

Bob Taylor, spokesman of Brite Insurance, said: In the current recession it would be tempting to think that paying the lowest premium results in paying less for the same service. This absolutely is not true. Instead, saving just a few pounds to get the cheapest insurance quote can end up costing thousands of pounds if the insurance company will refuse to respect a claim made on a policy.

With Brite Insurance we do not want any of our customers to suffer from that, so we only offer price comparison for the most outstanding insurance companies. The quotes will not be dear, but will not be likely to be the very cheapest on the market – but they are likely to be reliable and offer the best value for peace of mind.

Brite Insurance is part of the Brite financial group, covering financial services, loans, mortgages and insurance. It is developing online brands to offer specialist entry into financial services, covering general finance, insurance, investments, property, and loads.