To provide travel, accommodation, hospital procedures and post-operative care

BridgeHealth Medical has entered into a partnership with Medtral New Zealand. With all-inclusive travel and medical treatment packages to New Zealand, Medtral’s services will serve as part of BridgeHealth’s network of medical travel options.

As per this partnership, Medtral New Zealand will provide BridgeHealth customer services including travel, accommodation, hospital procedures, and post-operative care at New Zealand’s private medical facilities and contingency insurance. The network of hospitals provide service for BridgeHealth International’s patients.

Medtral New Zealand’s medical procedures include hip joint replacement, knee joint replacement, hip resurfacing, coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG), robotic prostatectomy, kidney and liver transplants, and in vitro fertilisation.

Victor Lazzaro, CEO of BridgeHealth, said: “This partnership represents an unparalleled opportunity for our clients to gain access to high quality medical procedures in a friendly, first world country that is internationally praised for its green, clean practices. Through our comprehensive network, they can have procedures performed in top-flight facilities by medical specialists who speak English as their first language and who have typically received their specialist training in either North America, the UK, as well as New Zealand.”

Edward Watson, executive chairman of Medtral, said: “New Zealand is not only one of the most affordable destinations for medical care, but it also offers a location that is culturally familiar to most Americans and Canadians, with extraordinary tourism opportunities, including stunning scenery, winery tours, golf, and fly fishing. As recent patients from the US have said, their medical experience in New Zealand has been life changing.”