Manchester-based Bridge Insurance broker has entered into partnership with London based Brit Insurance to launch Hospitality programme.

The Hospitality programme is an insurance plan which focuses on the boutique bed and breakfast businesses and is expected to target B&Bs and guesthouses with three, four or five star or rosette ratings, as reported by InsuranceAge.

The policies could be modified according to the type of business providing benefits such as revenue protection cover of up to £500,000 spread over a period of 24 months, increase in seasonal stock, public and products liability cover up to £5m along with a 24 hour free legal advice line.

Bridge schemes development head Jason Wootton said that the new scheme was identified based on customer opinions that highlighted the need for bespoke cover for high end B&Bs.

"Proprietors of high-end establishments need enhanced protection and cover and we’ve ensured Hospitality provides this," Wootton said.

According to a recent survey conducted by Travelsupermarket, 40% of British people in 2011 took their main holiday in the UK and the trend has been forcasted to increase in the coming years.

"Hospitality is aimed at proprietors who want to take advantage of growing market and the increase in demand for customer focused, boutique B&Bs," Wootton added.