Two questions to instant insurance prices!

Branch launches bundled home and auto insurance. (Credit: Branch Insurance/PR Newswire)

Branch has launched statewide in Missouri with a reimagined way to bundle home and auto insurance. Where most traditional insurance companies require customers to fill out insurance applications with hundreds of questions, Branch developed a way to bundle home and auto insurance with just two questions, name and address. Now customers can bundle their insurance in as little as 30 seconds.

Many know that bundling home and auto insurance can save money. In fact, a recent NerdWallet article states that “getting two or more policies from the same company will mean discounts — as much as 25% off a homeowners policy — depending on the insurer.” The problem has always been the difficulty in obtaining a bundle. Using technology and automation, Branch has re-engineered the experience to be faster and more efficient, making it easier than ever to save money.

“We’re excited to help Missourians bundle their home and auto insurance in minutes while welcoming them into a community that is committed to fostering deeper connections between neighbors,” said Branch CEO and Cofounder Steve Lekas.

Behind Branch’s desire to improve the experience of bundling home and auto insurance is a deep commitment to restoring insurance to its original intent – a force for communal good. When insurance was first popularized in the 19th century, it was a way for neighbors to band together to protect one another from financial disaster. Branch was built to recapture that spirit; to help us get back to getting each other’s back.

By tapping into the power of community, Branch aims to make insurance better, and more affordable, for everyone. That’s why Branch has not only made it easier to bundle, but is also developing tools to help customers constantly lower their own prices, and dedicating a portion of insurance payments to help those who can’t afford insurance through a new program called SafetyNest.

Source: Company Press Release