BlueWave Technology, a provider of property/casualty claims software, has launched PipelineClaims 4.2, a web application that consolidates business process management (BPM) with core claims administration.

According to the company, with PipelineClaims, an insurer’s mission-critical claims operations are centralized onto single technology platform that manages the full claims lifecycle from first notice of loss entry through claim investigation, settlement and closure.

With the configuration and integration as key architectural priorities, PipelineClaims 4.2 allows insurers the ability to tailor the application’s workflows and business rules to their unique needs, then have the system automatically execute and monitor those business processes.

PipelineClaims was built on Java architecture which enables the application to integrate seamlessly with other core systems in any IT environment.

PipelineClaims 4.2 provides a web-based user interface along with lot of options for system configuration and customization. Some of the new features of PipelineClaims 4.2 includes configurable fraud and claim scoring, automated reserving.

Bob Khosropur, chief claims officer for NBIC, said: Pipeline impressed us with a state-of-the-art system providing flexibility and capacity for a reliable, user-friendly claims system. The system is sophisticated enough to handle all of our needs, and yet is intuitive enough to quickly train new users to a level of proficiency in its functionality.