Blue Cross of Idaho has deployed the ZeOmega’s software solution, Jiva as part of its integrated care management strategy for improving the overall health of more than 600,000 members.

The implementation approximately took nine months and was completed in December 2011.

Blue Cross of Idaho chief information officer Lance Hatfield said that the implementation was focused on integrating their care management work flows, including behavioral management and enabling seamless data exchange with claims and decision support tools.

"We now have a comprehensive view of our members’ health profile including demographics, medical history, claims, diagnoses, and privacy preferences," Hatfield added.

Blue Cross of Idaho MD, SVP and Chief Medical Officer Bruce Croffy added that the firm was the first of several Blues plans to go live with Jiva.

The Jiva suite of care management software includes EHRs, personalized care plans, decision support tools and portals, transforms traditional episodic-based care management into proactive and collaborative population healthcare management.

Blue Cross of Idaho, a not-for-profit mutual insurance company, has been delivering health insurance products, services and information to more than 600,000 members for over 65 years.