With the Protect API, Bestow's instant term life insurance experience can seamlessly integrate into any app or website


Bestow launches protect API. (Credit: Pixabay/Lorenzo Cafaro.)

Bestow has announced the Protect API launch, expanding access to its entirely digital term life insurance experience. Designed with an Insurance as a Service approach, the Protect API enables companies to directly offer life insurance coverage within their apps or sites, with complete control of the customer experience.

The Protect API is customizable to individual partner needs with several integration options, from providing coverage estimates to fully hosting an end-to-end term life insurance buying experience. With Bestow’s proprietary technology, partners can collect all the information required to underwrite, provide an instant decision on eligibility and, if approved, issue a life insurance policy without a customer ever leaving their app or website. Bestow’s algorithms substitute data for the traditional medical exam to transform underwriting from months to minutes — no physical contact, phone screenings or doctor’s visits are required to secure coverage.

“With the Protect API, partners can leverage Bestow’s industry-leading platform to bring financial protection directly to their customers,” said Jonathan Abelmann, Co-Founder and President of Bestow. “Many families know they need life insurance but haven’t gotten around to it yet due to competing priorities and busy schedules. With Protect API, partners can offer a coverage solution to their customers that’s easy, fast, and affordable — which is seamlessly integrated into a platform they already know and trust.”

Bestow helps take the confusion and hassle out of financially protecting your loved ones with term life insurance by prioritizing what matters most to the everyday family: affordable coverage, robust policy amounts up to $1 million and a convenient 5-minute application experience that never requires a medical exam. Powered by the Protect API, a healthy 35-year-old woman can buy a 20-year, $500,000 term life insurance policy through her robo advisor, mortgage lender or pregnancy app starting at only $22.50 per month.

The first partner to integrate the new Protect API into its platform is Tomorrow, a startup that combines legal, financial, and insurance services in one easy-to-use app. Tomorrow has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans protect their families by creating essential legal documents such as wills, trusts, and advanced healthcare directives. Now, Tomorrow users can easily purchase term life insurance coverage to help financially protect their loved ones from the unexpected.

“Too many families live without the protection of life insurance, which is why we’re thrilled to partner with Bestow to bring their convenient buying experience to our customers,” said Dave Hanley, CEO of Tomorrow. “Tomorrow helps more than 500,000 individuals who are new to estate planning and insurance feel comfortable and informed through its refined user experience. By utilizing the Protect API, Tomorrow users remain in the app for the entire purchase experience, from quoting to applying to purchase, which is accomplished in minutes.”

Bestow is actively expanding broker, agent and fintech partnerships as it builds on a banner year of more than 800% year-over-year sales growth. Agents or partners looking to bring an entirely digital term life insurance experience to their customers can work with the Bestow team to understand their product, implementation and commission needs.

Source: Company Press Release