BEST Life and Health Insurance (BEST Life) has introduced dental PPO and indemnity plans to provide increased flexibility, choice and cost-effective alternatives for the employers.

BEST Life Sales and Marketing vice president Jennifer Bolton said the dental PPO and indemnity plans are provided with coinsurance and out-of-network reimbursement options to assist employers to preserve or expand dental benefits programme.

"These new options increase the number of plans employers can choose from and provide low-cost alternatives to traditional dental PPO/indemnity plans," Bolton added.

With the new dental plans, a Basic (100/80/0) or Value (100/50/0) plan with a choice of deductible and calendar year maximums along with the option to upgrade endodontic and periodontic benefits to Class II Services can be selected by the employers.

The new Maximum Allowable Charge (MAC) option, which lowers premium costs by covering out-of-network reimbursement at the maximum allowable charge is also available for the Employer groups in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah, US.

The MAC option can be used with BEST Life dental PPO and indemnity plan and has full access to a BEST Life PPO network.