Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI) has introduced a Consolidated Insurance Endorsement which combines numerous primary general liability coverage enhancements in a single solution designed expressly for construction wrap ups and project-specific programs.

"Our Consolidated Insurance Endorsement makes it easy for contractors and project owners to secure general liability and completed operations coverage tailored to their needs and to the current industry environment," said Bill Sullivan, Vice President, Construction, BHSI. "Our clear, cohesive form facilitates consistent coverage and limits across projects and subcontractors."

The new endorsement allows for a clear-cut description of the covered project and can be structured for a single project or a rolling wrap up, with flexible limits available. Aggregate or per project limits can also be provided for completed operations.

The BHSI endorsement includes primary non-contributory wording and limited contractors’ professional liability insurance for enrolled contractors.

"We developed this form to deliver precisely what our construction industry customers want. They can have confidence that they are securing the appropriate coverage, with BHSI’s financial strength, and access to an experienced claims organization that is committed to customer satisfaction in claims," said Robert Romeo, Vice President, Healthcare and Construction Claims, BHSI.