Berkley FinSecure, a Berkley Company, announces the launch of Capital Shield, the first and only insurance product of its kind covering individuals for embezzlement of their invested assets.


Image: Berkley FinSecure launches Capital Shield. Photo: Courtesy of jimbophoto/

“Our Capital Shield product helps protect your nest egg in the event of embezzlement by an investment advisor or asset manager. In addition to a fast, defined path to financial recovery, Capital Shield gives you peace of mind,” stated Sean Missal, Senior Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer of Berkley FinSecure.

Until now, individual investors have not been able to insure their invested assets in the event of embezzlement. People may not know they are exposed, nor do they have a strategy in place to recover stolen funds. The financial protection of Capital Shield can cover a portion of or all of this risk. With limits up to $10,000,000, Capital Shield protects your money, protects your retirement and protects your future.

Berkley FinSecure President Michael Connor said, “You can purchase insurance to cover most of what you own – with one exception – your investments. We are filling a significant gap in an individual’s risk transfer program – with Capital Shield you now have an option to protect your most valuable asset – your money.

Capital Shield is underwritten by Berkley FinSecure. It is available as an added benefit to appointed agents of Berkley One, a Berkley company. In addition, for non-appointed agents the product is available via our exclusive wholesale relationship with Capital Shield Insurance Services.

Source: Company Press Release