Berkley FinSecure, a W .R. Berkley company, announced the formation of Berkley Crime, an operating unit focused solely on offering a wide range of crime related insurance products.

The crime underwriting team, which was originally established in 2008 as part of Berkley Asset Protection, also a W. R. Berkley company, will transfer from Berkley Asset Protection to become a new operating unit of Berkley FinSecure. Berkley Crime team members will remain in their current locations nationwide and will continue to be led by Sean Missal, Vice President.

Berkley Crime is focused exclusively on providing various crime related insurance products for commercial organizations, financial institutions and governmental entities. The operating unit’s extensive offerings include coverage for most types of crime related losses including employee theft, forgery, robbery, burglary and computer and funds transfer fraud.

In addition, Berkley Crime offers a cost effective insurance product that covers kidnap, ransom and extortion losses for small to large companies and private individuals, and includes access to a top-rated crisis response company for insureds during a loss related event.

"The addition of the well-established and experienced underwriting team of the Berkley Crime operating unit enables Berkley FinSecure to broaden our offerings to our customers, agents and brokers and deliver on our common mission: ‘Experts focused on your protection. We Deliver.’," said Mike Dandini, President of Berkley FinSecure.