The service will be protected by attorney-client privilege

Beazley Group has launched a confidential hotline service for their law firm clients with primary professional liability coverage led by Beazley. Clients who are confronting ethical or risk management dilemmas will have access to the hotline, which Beazley will subsidise.

David Jargiello, a partner and general counsel at Virtual Law Partners, will provide the service. The service will be protected by attorney-client privilege, ensuring that all exchanges between Mr Jargiello and law firms remain confidential, including from Beazley, the company reported.

Lloyd Fielder, head of lawyers’ professional liability team at Beazley, said: A wide range of situations can generate thorny ethical and risk management dilemmas for law firms. If not resolved, these matters have the potential to generate multi-million dollar insurance claims. It is clearly in our interests and those of our clients to identify ways to ‘nip in the bud’ issues that could develop into claims.

I am delighted that David will be offering this service to our clients. He is very familiar with the challenges and difficult choices that law firms have to make, particularly in these trying economic times. Our clients and the brokers with whom we work have left us in no doubt that the service will be valued.

Mr Jargiello has advised law firms of all sizes and practice areas, including risk retention groups and captives, on risk management issues.