BB&T Insurance Services has offered supplemental unemployment insurance product to its online product offerings at, designed to meet the needs of individuals, who lose their jobs.

The newly introduced product, IncomeAssure enables BB&T clients to manage the financial risk resulting from job loss.

Under the new plan, if the insured is laid off, the individual receives 50% of his former earnings, replaced through a combination of state coverage and IncomeAssure benefits payments.

BB&T Insurance Services marketing and sales unit manager Randy Screen said IncomeAssure allows its clients to protect themselves from financial risk and allay anxiety during this difficult economy.

"This offering is something we have not been able to offer our customers before and something we’re pleased to make available now," Screen added.

BB&T Insurance Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of BB&T, is the sixth largest insurance broker in the US and the seventh largest internationally as measured by total revenue.