German insurer Basler Insurance claims to have future-proofed its storage architecture, using DataCore software, to withstand the ultimate disaster scenario - the complete destruction of the main data center.

Basler Insurance was formed through the merger of Basler and Securitas in 2003; leaving a legacy infrastructure of two data centers, 300 miles apart, which potentially exposed business-critical data.

As a result, the company realized that an emergency data replication scenario that continuously updates business critical data between the sites at Bad Homburg and Bremen needed to be implemented, with servers being staged and fed continuously with replicated data to withstand emergencies.

Now, due to the combination of DataCore’s virtualization and remote site asynchronous IP mirroring technologies, should the worse happen, Basler’s business-critical operations can be continued after just a few hours.

Two DataCore-powered storage domain servers, each a standard Intel-based server running SANsymphony Enterprise Edition, provide the central management interface of all data storage, taking on the allocation of the virtual devices and mirroring in the storage area network.