The new service allows the banking company to offer a value-added home insurance service that has been adapted to WhatsApp


Banco Sabadell introduces home insurance service through WhatsApp. (Credit: HeikoAL from Pixabay.)

Spanish banking group Banco Sabadell, through its broker Bansabadell Mediación and insurance subsidiary Bansabadell Seguros Generales, has launched a new WhatsApp service to cater to home insurance customers.

The company has already been conducting pilot testing of the service in few insurance holders and is planning to offer the service for all Bansabadell Seguros Generales customers.

Bansabadell Seguros Generales general manager Claudio Chiesa said: “Users generally only deal with their insurance if they need to, for example, if they have had an accident or need to renew their policy.

“What we want to do is to better understand what our users actually need so that we can be by their side at all times, providing them with relevant, up-to-date information through the communication channels they feel most comfortable using.”

The new service from Banco Sabadell will provide useful information for users

The new service allows the bank to offer a value-added home insurance service that has been adapted to WhatsApp, which is the communication channel for 92% of smartphone owners, according to data published by the National Commission on Markets and Competition.

Through the new service, customers with queries and questions regarding insurance coverage are enabled to contact a team of experts or can take necessary actions about their insurance.

Also, the new service provides users with useful information on important aspects of insurance along with tips for prevention and protection.

The company said that the WhatsApp chats are encrypted and its customers can confidentially communicate, and have the advantage of keeping a record of past conversations in a single place.

The new insurance service through WhatsApp is said to complement the company’s other channels currently being used and will add to its omnichannel strategy.

The service has been created in collaboration with InnoCells, a digital innovation hub of Banco Sabadell, and Bansabadell Seguros Generales, its joint venture with Zurich.

InnoCells general manager Pol Navarro said: “This new service brings together two aspects that are key to driving forward Banco Sabadell’s digital transformation: the speedy and collaborative design and rollout of innovations and a closer relationship with our customers, moving personal relations into a digital environment.”