Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has launched a new health insurance plan Extra Care, which it claims to take care of high expenses due to illness or accident. It can be taken as an additional cover to any existing hospitalization/medical expenses policy of any insurance company.

According to Bajaj Allianz, the benefits offered by the Extra Care policy include floater policy which can cover self, spouse and three children under single policy; three options of sum assured offered such as INR1m, INR1.2m and INR1.5m; competitive premium rates; no medical tests up to 55 years subject to clean proposal form; and continuity for waiting periods would be given for any indemnity cover irrespective of sum insured in the earlier policy.

In addition, the new insurance plan covers the medical expenses in excess of specified deductible amount. The member can have access to cashless facility in more than 2400 empanelled hospitals across the country, subject to terms and exclusions. In case the member opts for hospitals other than the empanelled ones, the expenses incurred would be reimbursed within 14 days from the date of submission of all documents.

Also included within the plan are, 50% medical test charges reimbursement for all cases where medical tests have been conducted in Bajaj Allianz empanelled diagnostic centre. The policy covers ambulance charges subject to a maximum of INR3000.

Tapan Singhel, chief marketing office at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, said: It has been observed that people who have health insurance cover from their employer are suddenly without adequate or no health cover when they resign or move from the current to a new employer or is terminated.

“In such a scenario, Extra Care is ideal for such people to have a basic or adequate health cover to fund their expenditure in case of illness or hospitalization. Extra Care works as a top-up cover and can complement your existing group mediclaim or individual health policy, giving you the required financial security.