To safely return injured employees to work while reducing the cost of workers' comp claims

Avizent, a provider of claims and risk management, has introduced TeamCOMP, an new approach to claims management that ensures that medical experts are involved in workers’ compensation claims from day one.

The new service intends to safely return injured employees to work while significantly reducing the duration and overall cost of workers’ comp claims.

Avizent is a TPA currently offering a service that integrates all components involved in adjudicating a workers’ comp claim, from first report of injury to provider contact to final resolution. This includes the direct involvement of medical experts and claims adjusters working under one integrated company and system.

Thomas W. Watson, CEO of Avizent, said: Our approach ensures that claims and medical expertise are applied precisely when and where they’re needed. Claims outcomes become more predictable. Treatment and disability planning improves. Costs are easier to manage and control. Most importantly, injured workers receive the most appropriate care and return to work at the earliest possible date.

For clients, the benefit is faster, easier access to more complete information throughout the claims process. TeamCOMP also enables more precise claim certifications, as well as treatment and disability plans.

The clients can establish better reserves and action plans. In addition, the use of pre-set guidelines and evidence-based medicine establishes a strong foundation for decision-making, and provides better evidence to defend treatment decisions.