Enables pensions savers to see how much their pension might be worth when they retire

Aviva is making the Aviva Pension Tracker available to over one million customers. Reportedly, the Aviva Pension Tracker is a secure online tool that makes pensions planning easier for consumers. It includes Lisa, a virtual online guide, which shows visitors around the site and helps them understand the importance of pension planning.

Aviva has claimed that the pension tracker enables pensions savers to: see what their pension’s worth, how contributions are invested and performing; see the benefits of tax-relief and employer contributions; see how much their pension might be worth when they retire; provides tips and tools to budget for retirement; and instruct changes to contributions and retirement age and switch funds online.

Iain Oliver, head of pensions and investments at Aviva, said: “Pension Tracker is an exciting new way for you to take control of your Aviva pension. It’s an online service that helps you manage your pension any time that suits you, much as you can with internet banking. Pension Tracker has been designed by customers for customers to give you access to all the information, tools and tips you need, just when you need them. It takes only a few minutes to register with Pension Tracker. Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can take control of your pension and see whether you’re doing all you need to do to have a financially secure retirement.”