Insurance giant Aviva is offering its customers a smart home device that would address one of the biggest causes of home insurance claims.

Branded as LeakBot, the water leak detector has been developed by UK based HomeServe Labs.

LeakBot is said to address the water leak problems which are considered to be the second biggest driver of home insurance claims.

HomeServe Membership CEO Martin Bennett said: “We know that water damage is a major issue for the insurance industry and their Customers, and LeakBot is a real game changer.

"To have a device like LeakBot that is easy to use and install, and can detect leaks to help avoid considerable damage to the home, is a real benefit for homeowners and insurers.”

LeakBot is claimed to have the ability to detect leaks anywhere on the mains water supply in a home. It can spot the leaks before they turn out to be catastrophic to the house.

Aviva has tested a sample of Leakbot detectors and found success in the initial trial. It will offer the devices to selected customers to begin with.

Aviva prevention and services managing director Stephen Pond said: “We have been working with HomeServe on LeakBot for well over a year and have already carried out trials which told us that many homes have issues with their plumbing without the householder knowing – most of them are small problems for now but problems which, if left, could become big ones.”

According to HomeServe, water damage claims in the UK accounted to £629m in 2014.

As per the home assistance provider, LeakBot is clipped on the mains water supply and it sends an alert to the home owner’s smartphone whenever there is a leak.

Earlier this year, the product went on general sale with a price of £149.

Image : Aviva to offer HomeServe’s LeakBot to selected UK customers. Photo : courtesy of HomeServe.