Aviva, a UK multinational insurance company, has expanded its critical illness (CI) cover and included 53 new conditions, 17 of which are ABI+, which will help customers to deal with life threatening diseases without destabilizing their budget.

Effective from 7 July 2013 for new customers, the policies will incorporate CI riders, and will concentrate on the most common claimed conditions, including heart attack, stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Further, the insurer has implemented the specific recommendations from Aviva’s protection claims team to ensure as many cases as possible will be paid.

It has reduced the severity level of heart attack, which will be determined based on troponin levels which need to be met in order for a heart attack to qualify as a valid claim.

It has also extended critical illness to Devic’s disease and spinal stroke as well as cardiac arrest, thus helping people to overcome these deadly diseases without burning their pocket.

Additional coverage added to CI includes bladder removal for any reason and non-malignant pituitary tumour.

The enhancement also extends cover to policyholders’ children by providing a death benefit of £5,000, which is in addition to child CI benefit of up to £25,000. It will be paid on top of any payouts made for child critical illness.

Aviva offers insurance, savings and investment products to 34 million customers across the globe.