UK based independent van insurance broker Autonet Insurance said it is using Callcredit Information Group's identity verification software to fight against insurance fraud, which is rising at a rapid pace.

Autonet said the software allows to check that those applying for insurance are genuine – protecting both the business and existing customers from the actions of fraudsters, which also helps meet businesses’ anti-money laundering requirements.

Callcredit offers a range of products to reduce fraud across a wide range of business sectors, and the tool used by Autonet, enables users to instantly verify a customer’s identity.

Autonet managing director Ian Donaldson said insurance fraud is an increasing problem, particularly given the popularity of comparison sites, but working with Callcredit will allow the firm to spot potentially fraudulent applications at an early stage.

Callcredit head of sales James Blake said their products aim to provide confidence to businesses that the customers they’re dealing with are genuine, which reduces operational costs and improves customer satisfaction, while helping organisations to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.