FirstBest Systems, provider of insurance software solutions for US and global insurers, announced that Atlas General Insurance Services successfully completed the rapid implementation of the FirstBest Underwriting Management System (FirstBest UMS) for three lines of business.

Using UMS Express, the FirstBest accelerated implementation methodology, Atlas was able to deploy FirstBest UMS in under three months for its commercial property, commercial general liability, and commercial package business.

UMS Express is a low complexity implementation, using a start smart and scale fast approach. This methodology allows customers to use the core features of FirstBest UMS to recognize value and increase profitability quickly — with lower project risk and minimal commitment of resources.

Atlas selected FirstBest UMS to help support the key strategic initiatives of gaining book of business visibility and unifying processes and workflows — both within departments and across the organization. In addition, this UMS Express implementation sets the foundation for the company’s future goals of enabling underwriting consistency, applying best practices, and eliminating legacy platform redundancies.

Atlas chose the UMS Express approach for its commercial property, commercial general liability, and commercial package lines because they are fast-growing business units. With this successful implementation, Atlas is able to quickly write those lines of business, increase collaboration among members of the underwriting team, and decrease turnaround time of submissions.

"When looking at how we wished to improve our underwriting processes, it was important for us to provide greater visibility during every stage of the submission lifecycle," says Ryan Clarkson, COO, Atlas General Insurance Services.

"FirstBest UMS is already fostering more collaborative interactions on submissions within our underwriting teams. Streamlined workflows and ease-of-use of the system have significantly improved turnaround time of submissions."

"The UMS Express implementation was a valuable approach for Atlas in accelerating the underwriting of specific lines of business," says David Burns, VP of Professional Services, FirstBest Systems.