Targeted at young adults

Targeting young adults and college going students,, a service of Next Insurance Group, has launched a package of insurance products – reported Phonix Business Jounal. The company feels that there is a dearth of customised services to this segment.

Fees, an Arizona State University alumnus, said: “We spent the last couple of years researching, and the products just didn’t exist. We saw opportunity and a great need. Other insurance policies don’t fit for students.” He added that GradGuard’s insurance products are different, as the company aggregates various types of insurance policies in one Web site, reported the newspaper.

Steve Trattner, president and chief marketing officer of Miami-based Cinergy Health, opines that it is challenging to insure a young adults as most of them do not see the value in buying insurance. Inspite of this, he believes that more and more insurance companies will come forward to offer a variety of policies to young adults. offers health insurance, short-term medical coverage, and auto, renters and travel insurance policies from underwriting partners Assurant, United Healthcare, Humana and HPA Insuance.