Brunel Professions specialises in professional indemnity insurance (PII), directors & officers (D&O) and cyber insurance, serving over 7,000 clients

Aston Lark

Aston Lark acquires another Lloyd’s broker headquartered in London. (Credit: Aston Lark.)

Aston Lark, a London-based insurance broker, has completed the acquisition of Brunel Professions, a Lloyd’s broker, for an undisclosed amount.

Established in 2005, Brunel Professions serves more than 7,000 professional clients. It has a staff of 85 and four offices in the UK, in Bristol, London, Manchester and Perth.

Aston Lark Group CEO Peter Blanc said: “I’m delighted to be welcoming Brunel Professions to the Aston Lark family, and very much looking forward to working with Dylan and the team.

“Brunel Professions is one of the leading Professional Indemnity brokers in the UK with a truly impressive track record of growth.

“This acquisition brings an exciting new dimension to Aston Lark’s current business and strengthens our London Market and Specialty capability, as well as brings new regional offices into the group in Manchester, Bristol and Perth.

“We will look to support the Brunel team as they continue their growth in the fast-moving Professional Indemnity market.”

As a Lloyd’s broker Brunel Professions offers extensive solutions to its clients

As a Lloyd’s of London broker, Brunel Professions has access to the world’s largest insurance market, allowing it to offer extensive insurance solutions to its clients.

The company specialises in professional indemnity insurance (PII), directors & officers (D&O) and cyber insurance. It also provides in-house specialist claims handling and risk management services.

Brunel Professions CEO Russell Lane said: “Having started Brunel Professions over 15 years ago, it has been an incredible journey and one which would not have been possible without the support of the senior management team, colleagues both current and past, insurers and long-standing client support. The business has been hugely successful over many years, and the memories will live long in the memory bank.”

Recently, Aston Lark had acquired Incepta Risk Management, a UK-based financial consultant.

Incepta is a Lloyd’s broker, offering solutions to direct and wholesale clients and customers, with an aim to develop commercial businesses in the country through effective underwriting and open market broking.