Assuria, a Suriname based insurance firm, has opened two insurance branches Assuria Life (GY) Inc and Assuria General (GY), which is claimed to be the first trans-border financial services venture between Guyana and Suriname.

Assuria NV Suriname Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stephen Smit was quoted by the Government Information Agency (GINA) as saying that that the launch of the Guyanese operations was part of the company’s strategic plan of being active outside Suriname.

Commenting on the launch, Guyana President Donald Ramotar said that regional integration was significant as many of the region’s prominent trading partners in Europe and North America were facing financial crises.

"Now we can speak about investment within our region, investing in each other’s economy in order to help generally with regional development," Ramotar added.

"Guyana and Suriname are fortunate to be bordering the fifth largest economy in the world, (referring to Brazil)…we should look forward to taking advantage of that…towards an even broader type of integration in our region, where we can have more relationships with South America and the Caribbean."

Assuria is the holding company of the shares of Assuria Life, insurance Assuria NV Assuria Medical Insurance NV, Assuria Investment Company, Rondeau Holdings NV and DSB Assuria NV (50%).

Assuria offers life and non-life insurance, including risk and savings insurance, motor, fire, accident and health insurance and is primarily active in the field of mortgage loans.