Assurant Specialty Property, a provider of specialty insurance and collateral protection programs, has expanded the benefit choices available through its First Protector mortgage protection product.

Assurant Specialty has reported that First Protector is a disaster mortgage insurance program that provides supplemental benefits not found in most primary homeowners polices. It protects against all perils, including fire, flood, windstorms, radiation, earthquakes, mudslides, volcano eruptions and gas leaks.

The company said that the homeowners may upgrade coverage to include Advantage benefits: referral services from experienced, licensed contractors; review and assessment of contractor quotes; 24-hour emergency assistance from an experienced tradesperson; an advice hotline for ‘do-it- yourself’ home repairs or maintenance; and an emergency communication network to ensure that homeowners to stay connected to friends and family in the event of an emergency.

Dawn Lamnin, vice president of direct-marketed products at Assurant Specialty Property, said: First Protector provides value-added benefits within both traditional and non-traditional risk categories. These new product features enhance the already valuable benefits that the product offers.