Argo Group International Holdings plans to combine two of its business lines Argonaut Specialty and Colony to establish a new company Colony Specialty.

Argo Pro, the third of the Excess and Surplus Lines businesses, will continue on as a specialty underwriter of professional business.

According to the Argo, Colony Specialty offers an access to a wider array of products, increased responsiveness and faster quotes.

Argo Group E&S president Lou Levinson said that the Argo is combining the strength of Colony with the power of Argonaut Specialty to create new company Colony Specialty.

In addition, the company has also restructuredd the entire Argo Group platform, within E&S and with other Argo Group segments.

Michael Fleischer has been named as new E&S segment chief underwriting officer and will work closely with E&S businesses leaders.

John Keane, president of Argo Pro, also will serve as new COO of Colony Specialty. He will be responsible for overseeing allied medical, professional liability, Insight businesses, IT operations and support services.

Sam Anderson, as new president of sales and business development, will have direct responsibility for producer management, marketing, new product development, and strengthening relationships with key insureds.

Mark Richards, as new SVP of casualty, will be responsible for setting the casualty strategy of Colony Specialty. Ron Vindivich has been promoted to SVP of transportation.

However, the transition to Colony Specialty is scheduled to be comleted during January 2011, while staff changes are effective immediatly.