Argo Group US, a subsidiary of Argo Group International Holdings, an international underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance products, announced that it has completed an investment in Newtopia, an innovative health and wellness company that uses behavioral science and genetic information to build highly personalized lifestyle plans for disease prevention.

Newtopia partners with health insurers, employers and their employees to improve the health of employees while controlling health care costs, thereby providing an attractive benefit to all parties.

In addition to investing in the company, Argo plans to pilot Newtopia’s unique platform within its Argo Group US employee base.

"Our employees are Argo’s most important asset," commented Argo Group Chief Investment Officer Mark Rose.

"Newtopia’s mission is to inspire individuals to make the right lifestyle choices that can help them build healthy lives," said Newtopia Founder and CEO Jeffrey Ruby. "It is exciting to work with an innovative partner like Argo to demonstrate that we can reduce the incidence and cost of chronic disease through the latest in genetics, behavioral science and engagement."

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.