Arch Insurance Group, in partnership with CalSurance Associates, has released its new liability insurance solution named BloggerShield Insurance for bloggers.

The new solution will offer customised claims-made coverage for libel, slander, defamation, copyright infringement, and privacy violation in the course of the insured’s blogging activities.

With the new solution, bloggers can defend potential lawsuits that may put their blog content and personal assets at risk.

BloggerShield also offers options such as a zero-deductible option, multiple limits option, and a supplemental claim expense limit to customers.

CalSurance Associates chief technology officer Tom Hext said that bloggers are more vulnerable than ever to the threat of legal action, as evidenced by the increasing number of blog-related lawsuits.

"Without insurance protection, bloggers remain susceptible to the financial cost of defending lawsuits, potentially compromising their blog and their personal assets," Hext added.

Arch professional liability product line executive vice president Lyle Hitt said that the collaboration on the BloggerShield product represents the benefits of a carrier and program administrator working together to develop a solution for a unique problem.

"As the blogger community grows in force and number, so does the need for blogger liability insurance protection," Hitt added.

Arch Insurance Group is a member of Arch Capital Group, while CalSurance Associates is a division of Brown & Brown Program Insurance Services.