BeSmartee has deployed a direct integration with Arch Mortgage Insurance Company (Arch MI), a leading provider of private mortgage insurance (MI) and a wholly owned subsidiary of Arch Capital Group.


Image: Arch MI’s platform integrated with BeSmartee’s POS. Photo: Courtesy of Markus Spiske/Pixabay

Pairing Arch MI’s RateStar risk-based MI pricing solution with the BeSmartee POS (point of sale) mortgage origination platform provides productive workflow continuity to modernize the lending process and improve the borrower journey.

Now celebrating 10 years as the industry’s leading risk-based MI pricing solution, Arch MI RateStar evaluates a wide variety of loan characteristics to provide the most tailored, complete and precise MI rate.

“The ability to quote MI rates quickly and accurately is an important element to delivering speed and efficiency during the borrower application process,” said BeSmartee co-founder Arvin Sahakian. “This integration ensures that the MI fees BeSmartee autopopulates in the initial disclosure stack viewed and eSigned by borrowers within the BeSmartee POS are highly accurate. We are pleased to see our relationship with Arch MI growing stronger.”

“We are glad to announce our successful partnership with BeSmartee,” said Carl Tyree, Arch MI’s Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer. “This integration will help scale up origination opportunities for lenders by attracting and qualifying more borrowers with competitive rates in real time to reduce costs and speed closings.”

Source: Company Press Release