ProspX, Inc. has announced that Arch Insurance Group, a member of Arch Capital Group Ltd., a Bermuda-based company that provides insurance and reinsurance on a worldwide basis through its wholly owned subsidiaries, has joined ProspX's growing network of brokers and carriers.

As part of an overall marketing and branding strategy, Arch will leverage ProspX’s InsiderConnect platform to publish and share new product updates, news, and analysis across the ProspX broker network.

"ProspX lets us promote our brand and our product expertise in a targeted and meaningful way," said Thomas C. Routson, vice president of marketing and communication at Arch Insurance Group. "We can now initiate dialogue with producers we may not have known well and uncover new business opportunities we may not have even known existed."

The InsiderConnect platform delivers timely and relevant insurance industry news and carrier specific content to producers based on the new and renewal business opportunities in their sales pipeline or expertise profile. Carriers are able to target their message to a specific producer based on the opportunities they are working on, leading to increased visibility, improved collaboration, and more quality submissions.

"Carriers are the source of product expertise, innovation, and insights for insurance brokers and their clients," said Steve Gold, president and CEO of ProspX. "We are excited about partnering with Arch to help get their message in front of the right brokers at the right time to raise their awareness, credibility, and differentiation in the marketplace.