Arch Insurance Group, a member of Arch Capital Group Ltd., announces a new, specialized management liability product in the U.S.: Arch Essential Side Asm Side A Lead Difference In Conditions (“DIC”) & follow form excess liability insurance policy.

In today’s legal and economic environment, every company must protect the personal liability of its directors and officers. With increased regulatory scrutiny and a rise in instances of financial insolvency, a company’s directors’ and officers’ personal assets are vulnerable to heightened exposure through escalating defense expenses, settlements and judgments. Arch Insurance Group’s new Side A D&O product offers a concise and straight-forward policy form to address these exposures.

"Our objective with this product is to expand the level of personal protection available to executives and board members in the instance when their company cannot or will not indemnify them" said Matthew Shulman, Executive Vice President, Executive Assurance Division at Arch.

"This new policy form responds as both a Lead Differences in Conditions ("DIC") policy as well as an Excess Follow Form policy depending on the circumstances of the claim and underlying coverage."

Coverage Highlights:

Follow form Coverage
Broad exhaustion language
Follows important definitions of the Followed Policy
DIC Coverage:
Drop down coverage available when underlying carrier denies or rescinds coverage, is not liable or fails to pay, fails to respond or is insolvent (subject to specific policy terms and conditions).
Definition of Loss to include:
Coverage for punitive, exemplary or multiple damages
Coverage for civil penalties
Broadest coverage available in the most favorable jurisdiction
Limited and narrow exclusions
Fully severable personal conduct exclusions with carve backs for defense costs and independent directors
No Bodily Injury/Property Damage, ERISA, Pollution, Insured v. Insured or Prior Notice Exclusions
Capacity: $25 million

Arch Insurance Group Inc. is a member of Arch Capital Group Ltd., a Bermuda-based company that provides insurance and reinsurance on a worldwide basis through its wholly owned subsidiaries.