For providing leadership for marketing, product development and service operations

ARAG, a provider of legal insurance, has named senior vice president Ann Dieleman to assume an expanded role as the company’s chief marketing and business development officer.

Ms Dieleman has spent her professional career in the financial services and insurance industry. She has over 10 years of experience in senior executive positions in employee benefits.

Cam Sutton, president and CEO of ARAG, said: “We want to utilise Ann’s unique talents and experience to manage business development, an area where she has made strong contributions to our success. Ann will continue to provide strong leadership for marketing, product development and service operations, while also overseeing business development opportunities.”

Ms Dieleman said: “I have a personal commitment to helping create a more legal-informed consumer base, as well as leading the design of customer-centric approaches to business.”

ARAG offers legal plans that provide a smart and trusted path for resolving legal issues which enables people to protect their families, finances and futures.