US based insurer Appalachian Underwriters (AUI) has set up an alliance with GlobalOptions to serve as its Special Investigations Unit (SIU) provider.

Under the new agreement, GlobalOptions will offer as the SIU provider handling regulatory compliance, fraud training and reporting, and the investigation and identification of suspected fraudulent insurance activities across all insured programs and lines of business, said Appalachian.

GlobalOptions president and CEO Frank Pinder said the firm’s experience in developing comprehensive SIU programs encompassing investigations, reporting and compliance will assist Appalachian Underwriters in meeting the SIU needs of diverse insurance organization.

"Our SIU program will allow Appalachian Underwriters to proactively identify potential fraud, all while managing investigative activity through GlobalTrak. The GlobalTrak reporting capabilities will allow Appalachian Underwriters to calculate ROI on anti-fraud related activities in addition to generating annual reporting for compliance purposes," Pinder added.

Appalachian Underwriters president Bob Arowood said, "GlobalOptions will give us the ability to consolidate investigative and anti-fraud efforts so that we can concentrate on our core business".

Headquartered in Orlando, GlobalOptions offers outsource SIU solutions and various types of investigative products and services to insurance carriers, self-insured corporations, and third-party administrators.