US insurer Aon has selected Eloqua Corporation's Eloqua Enterprise to improve the quantity and quality of its sales leads, streamline marketing processes and accelerate sales cycles.

Aon is rolling out the technology globally to ensure that all of its marketing branches in North America and Europe are working from a unified demand generation application.

The on-demand Eloqua software automates and integrates the key sales and marketing functions of email, direct mail, website analytics, campaign analytics, and sales force automation to help improve the quality and quantity of sales leads, eliminate waste and accelerate the entire selling process.

Eloqua Enterprise has already been integrated with Aon’s customer relations management implementation to automatically deliver high quality sales leads, along with the prospect information sales teams need to close business. Using Eloqua Active Profile technology, sales teams can review all lead activity and marketing response prior to making a call so that conversations are oriented around prospect interests.

Our typical sales cycle is long and complicated, lasting about six to 12 months. We need to contact our prospects multiple times to lead them through to a sale, said Douglas Turk, VP of global marketing and communications at Aon. Eloqua allows us to nurture those leads throughout the sales cycle through clear and consistent campaigns. Eloqua also allows us to deploy campaigns more easily and frequently, which will increase the number of leads for sales to follow up on.

In addition, Aon is using Eloqua Enterprise to run integrated, global campaigns utilizing tradeshows, newsletters and hypersites to create online campaigns with measurable results.