Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield introduced its new 'Zero, Zero, Zero' Medicare Advantage Local Preferred Provider Organization (LPPO) product to a dozen Missouri counties for plans effective 1 January 2011.

Anthem said that plan offers zero dollar premiums, zero copayments at in-network primary care doctors, zero dollar preventive services and zero dollar copayments for preferred generic prescriptions.

According to the Anthem, the Zero, Zero, Zero plan, sold under the name Anthem Medicare Preferred Core, is being offered to Medicare eligible individuals in the St Louis and Springfield areas, including St Louis, St Louis City, Dade, Dallas, Douglas, Greene, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney, Christian and Webster counties.

Anthem senior vice president of the senior division Krista Bowers said the company is committed to helping members of the Medicare population enjoy better health at a reasonable price, including the many Baby Boomers who are entering the system for the first time.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Missouri president Dennis Matheis said Zero, Zero, Zero plans provide financial relief and peace of mind for Medicare Advantage members during these difficult economic times.