Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri have launched an enhanced Deductible Credit Programme on select individual health products including SmartSense and Premier.

By using deductible credit programme, entitled subscribers who have not met their health insurance deductible previous year can receive a credit, which they may apply to their deductible, thereby lowering expenses to be paid.

The programme automatically adds money into a Special Incentive Account when subscribers fails to meet their annual deductible, and grows that account to use for future medical costs.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri president Steve Martenet said that the programme was ideal for individuals who rarely met their deductible, but wanted to be prepared for emergencies as well as an individual who would prefer to pay a higher deductible in order to have lower monthly premiums.

An amount equal to 20% of the deductible would be credited by Anthem into the subscriber’s account for the next calendar year when health care claims for one year are less than the deductible.

Martenet added that the firm will continue to focus on providing plan options such as Anthem’s Deductible Credit Program and make more tools available to help members better manage health and out-of-pocket costs.