Andesa Services, US-based insurance brokerage, has announced availability of a client portal for its ADASTAR Q+ plan administration system, to enable easy downloading and retrieval of reports and other documents.

Using the newly introduced portal, the system distributors or carriers can improve their customer service by automatically posting any BOLI/NQDC report or document on a secure internet portal, which can be accessed only by authorized users.

Additionally, the portal also eliminates all delays associated with direct mail or email distribution, by providing the customers with a reliable and timely access to the valuable and sensitive reports and documents.

Andesa executive vice president Vince Collier said the portal will help distributors to accelerate month-end and year-end reporting processes, whilst also minimizing time taken for creation and distribution of time-sensitive reports for their customers.

”This is just one of a number of enhancements planned for our plan administration solution that will enhance our clients’ ability to continually improve their service offerings,” Collier added.

Andesa offers a range of integrated marketing and administrative solutions for life insurance and annuity companies and distributors across the US.