To protect the American travel groups when they travel abroad

AMSkier Insurance, a Pennsylvania-based insurance program administrator, has launched a new insurance program to meet the needs of current international travel groups. It provides worldwide travel liability that covers both worldwide and domestic lawsuits, sexual abuse and molestation, kidnap and extortion, accident medical and other key risks faced by adult, student and business groups traveling abroad.

The ‘World Traveler’ program is offered to travel groups on a per trip basis. It features both ‘participants coverage’ and protection from domestic or international suits.

The company claims that the policy includes sexual abuse coverage, $25,000 kidnap & extortion coverage, $25,000 accident medical coverage per person; $10,000 foreign travel property coverage, $1,000 per person emergency political repatriation and relocation, hired/non-owned auto liability for chartered bus trips, employers responsibility coverage, emergency evacuation and repatriation, assistance service to help with medical, legal and personal emergencies while traveling, and on-the-ground expertise in over 40 countries worldwide and international claims expertise, claims the company.

Henry Skier, president of AMSkier Insurance, said: “World Traveler addresses the very real threats to today’s international travelers by eliminating many of the very severe limitations usually placed on travel protection and liability. Our program provides all the key coverages needed today at a very affordable price, giving American travel groups the protection they need when traveling abroad.”