AmeriHealth New Jersey, a health care insurance carrier, has launched AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles rewards, a new wellness incentive program that links healthy employee behaviors directly to the accruement of health reimbursement account credits.

Health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) are IRS-sanctioned arrangements that allow an employer to contribute funds on an employee’s behalf. The funds can be applied to medical expenses paid by participating employees.

The new program comprises three core elements: an HRA, a point-of-service or preferred provider organization medical plan with deductible and coinsurance options when using network providers and, notably, an incentive program that provides HRA credits for healthy behavior, the company noted.

The result is an integrated solution for health-conscious employers who see the value of providing incentives that encourage employees to engage in healthy behaviors, said the company. By earning credits toward their HRAs, employees are expected to see a direct relationship between their healthy behaviors and reduced health care expenses.

AmeriHealth is launching this program in conjunction with IncentOne, which provides incentive programs to employers, health plans and partners. In addition to benefiting from IncentOne’s expertise in health care reward programs, this integrated solution is expected to provide employers and employees with an easily administered web-based program.