Amerigroup Corporation, a managed healthcare company, has executed a contract to begin serving individuals in New Mexico's new Coordinated Long-Term Services program to coordinate long-term care for individuals.

The completion of this contract is contingent upon approval of the State’s waiver by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

The Coordinated Long-Term Services (CLTS) program brings together and co-ordinates a range of healthcare services, from specialized hospital and institutional care to community-based support services that currently are fragmented and may not be easily available to those who need them.

As a statewide mandatory program, CLTS encompasses rural and Native American communities, as well as the State’s urban population. A joint endeavor by the New Mexico Department of Aging and Long-Term Care Services and the Department of Human Services, CLTS is designed to empower individual consumers of healthcare and to produce long-term cost savings.

James Carlson, chairman and CEO of Amerigroup, said: For more than two years, we have worked closely with the State and disability advocates to develop a groundbreaking program that will help people with serious health problems get better care, while simultaneously controlling the cost of that care for taxpayers.