To examine, respond to proposals addressing financial services, mortgage reform

The American Land Title Association has named Mark Winter as its 2009-2010 president during the association’s annual convention in October.

Winter is the executive vice president of public policy for Stewart Title. He succeeds Mike Pryor as ALTA’s president.

Kurt Pfotenhauer, CEO of ALTA, said: “The coming year will be pivotal for the title insurance industry and Mark’s experience on Capitol Hill and his aptitude for advocacy will provide additional firepower as ALTA continues to confront several unresolved issues that could impede the industry’s growth.”

A key component of Winter’s mission for ALTA in 2010 will be the need .

Mr Winter brings 30 years of industry and policy experience to the position. In addition, to being a long-time member of the board of governors of the ALTA, he is chairman of the association’s International Development Committee, immediate past chairman of the underwriters section, a member of the government relations committee and the Title Industry political action committee board of trustees.

Prior to joining Stewart, Mr Winter was director of government affairs at ALTA.

Since 2005, Mr Winter has served as executive vice president of public policy for Stewart’s Washington, D.C., office, and is responsible for the development and coordination of both commercial and residential real estate business and for the procurement of international land titling projects funded by independent federal agencies.