American National Insurance Company (American National), one of the leaders in Life Insurance Living Benefits announces the introduction of Chronic and Critical Illness Riders for life insurance policyholders in California through the expansion of their Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs).

Accelerated Benefit Riders for Critical, Chronic, and Terminal Illness in California give the policyholder the option to accelerate a portion, or all, of their death benefit in the case of a qualifying event.

American National today announced it will unveil on January 1, 2016 New Partial and Full Accelerated Benefit Riders for Critical and Chronic Illness in the State of California in addition to the Terminal Illness rider that is already available. This will provide more options for customers in the State of California.

These living benefits, offered at no additional premium, cover 13 Critical Illnesses, Chronic Illness, and Terminal Illness in the form of Accelerated Benefit Riders. In the event of a qualifying illness, the policy owner may choose between partial or full death benefit acceleration.

When the death benefit is accelerated, it is reduced by an actuarial discount based on the insured’s future expected mortality in addition to an administrative fee (up to $500).

David A. Behrens, Executive Vice President of American National Insurance Company stated, "American National’s expanded offering in California of Partial and Full Accelerated Benefit Riders for Critical and Chronic Illness provides more options for customers at a time of need while still offering protection for their family’s future."