American National Insurance Company (ANAT) has launched ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS (ASIA PLUS) 7 and 10, an annuity product with multiple interest crediting strategies.

Designed to provide multiple features to assist clients in various stages of life, the new annuity product enables clients to choose up to twelve potential interest crediting strategies from along with two Lifetime Income Riders that may provide guaranteed cash flow.

Additionally, the ASIA PLUS offers two different Lifetime Income Riders to allow the client’s income base to grow at a specified rate for a specified term before the client starts receiving an income benefit.

American National Insurance Company executive vice president David Behrens said, "ANICO Strategy Indexed Annuity PLUS allows the client to strategize the placement of their premium in the annuity while guaranteeing a future income stream in retirement."

Clients can also use the new annuity product, available in seven and ten year versions, to improve interest based on the performance of the S&P 500(R) Index without being directly invested in the Index.