US-based specialty insurer American Modern Insurance Group is set to deploy PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, and Client Data Management platforms from Guidewire Software, as part of its business transformation initiative.

PolicyCenter and BillingCenter platforms will help the insurer to manage underwriting, policy administration, and billing management as well as enhance business agility with product offerings and advanced underwriting methods.

The platforms will also help the insurer to simplify business for agents by enabling full policy lifecycle servicing along with quick quoting and issuance.

The insurer deployed Guidewire Client Data Management platform to manage data.

American Modern business enablement assistant vice president John Spritzky said that features of PolicyCenter and BillingCenter were found attractive to the company.

"We also appreciated Guidewire’s model of measuring conformance, so that we will know if we are veering away from what we are trying to do with the out-of-the-box functionality and customization," Spritzky added.